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Saurabh Mittal

Complexity in creation, simplicity in consumption

Saurabh Mittal

Saurabh Mittal

Founder- QYON | Executive Coach | Entrepreneurship Evangelist - Himalayan region

Saurabh wears multiple hats. He is a leadership coach, advisor, mentor, teacher, and facilitator. He engages with diverse groups of people which include senior leadership from the corporate and social sector, entrepreneurs and young professionals. His facilitation techniques are inspired by holding a non-judgemental space for reflective and introspective work.

His professional journey of over twenty-five years is full of rich experiences across consulting, entrepreneurship and business with some of the most recognised brands and organisations. He has lived and worked on four continents and has had very diverse learning experiences. He ran a global consulting practice out of NY, was an executive team member of a cutting edge AI firm, did a non-profit entrepreneurial stint in Europe and taught kids in remote areas in India.

He is passionate about helping others develop clarity of thought, finding meaning and purpose and building emotional intelligence to lead happier lives.

He is a sought after speaker with a rich repertoire of experience that straddles many geographies and sectors ranging from the social to the corporate. He serves on boards of several educational institutes, innovative initiatives and start-ups and has supported hundreds of start-ups in their journey. He has done extensive work in the Himalayan region to nurture entrepreneurial talent. Early in his career, he spent a year in central India living amongst indigenous people. He found his learnings and experiences from this one year to be very enriching and transformative.

He loves spending time with his children who are his best teachers. Saurabh is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and the Said Business School, University of Oxford, where he was a Chevening Scholar.