Privacy Policy for

Updated: Monday, September 25, 2023

Synsta takes your privacy extremely seriously. This statement explains what data and information we collect, how and why we collect it, and how we store, use, disclose, and keep information about you and your interactions with us secure. These interactions include when you use our websites, when you register or attend any Synsta event, webinar, trade show, sales, or marketing activities, download an e-book, report or other digital assets, register and participate in our online community like using our forums or online training, you reply to an Synsta survey, and/or if you use the Synsta platform, any of our products and/or services, including any trial version (collectively the “Services”) in any manner.

Introduction and Scope:
  • Welcome users and explain the importance of privacy to
  • Outline the scope of the policy, emphasizing what aspects of the platform it covers.
Who We Are:
  • Introduce Synsta Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as the entity responsible for the management of
  • Provide relevant contact details such as a mailing address, phone number, and email for privacy-related matters.
Data We Collect:
  • Personal Data: Details like names, email addresses, phone numbers.
  • Technical Data: IP addresses, browser types, operating system, and device information.
  • Usage Data: Information about how users interact with the platform, such as pages viewed and time spent.
Purpose of Data Collection:
  • Enhancing user experience, providing personalized content, troubleshooting, and improving platform functionalities.
  • Communicating with users regarding updates, offers, or other relevant information.
How We Collect Data:
  • Describe the automatic and voluntary methods: account registration, user feedback, cookies, server logs, and other tracking technologies.
Data Storage and Security:
  • Information on secure data storage methods, encryption standards, and measures taken to prevent unauthorized access.
Data Sharing and Disclosure:
  • Clarify scenarios when data might be shared, e.g., with partners, during business transfers, or to comply with legal requirements.
  • Assure users that selling personal data isn't practiced.
Third-party Links and Services:
  • Mention that might contain links to third-party sites and that this policy doesn't extend to them.
  • Mention that might contain links to third-party sites and that this policy doesn't extend to them.
User Rights:
  • Highlight users' rights to access, rectify, or erase their personal data.
  • Detail how users can exercise these rights.
Cookies and Tracking Policy:
  • Elaborate on the use of cookies and other trackers, their purpose, and duration.
  • Provide guidance on how users can manage cookie preferences.
Age Limitations:
  • Declare that is not intended for children under a certain age, e.g., 13, and that no deliberate data collection from such age groups occurs
Data Retention:
  • Specify the duration for which different types of data are stored and the criteria that determine their deletion.
International Data Transfers:
  • If relevant, detail how data might be transferred across countries or stored in locations outside the origin country, ensuring adherence to international data protection laws.
Changes to the Privacy Policy:
  • Inform users that the policy might be updated periodically.
  • Detail how they will be informed of any significant changes.
Contact and Redressal:
  • Reinforce the platform's commitment to resolving any privacy concerns.
  • Offer a dedicated channel, like an email or contact form, through which users can raise privacy-related questions or complaints.